Anyone with an Onkyo receiver lose sound look here....


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I own an Onyo 1007 which I bought in 2009. I recently lost sound no matter what input it was on. This is a problem with many Onyo receivers. The HDMI board is faulty. There is a chip on it that says "DTS". It is one of two BGA chips on the board. The chip gets hot and cools which causes cracks in the solder over time. One way to check is if you lose sound, put a heat source over the board with the cover off and heat up the board. Turn the power back on after couple minutes and sound should return. I used my heat lamp I use on my bearded dragon. Sometimes you can bake it like with the old Xbox's or like what people did with motherboards in the oven to re-flow the solder. Onkyo is repairing most of these receivers even if it's out of warranty as a one time curtesy fix. There is a guy on ebay that will fix them too for about $90 but you have to send the board to him. Onkyo requires you send the whole receiver but they are footing the shipping cost. They sent me a pre-paid box to drop off at Fed Ex. You have to have purchased from an authorized seller though to get the one time fix. Still gotta give props to Onkyo.

For those of you that have second hand or didn't buy from authorized seller here are some videos to fix it for a while. I've read it might or might not last. These receivers need a cooling fan!


Is there a website that has a list or anything like that?

Not that I'm aware of. As far as I know the 2009 models are the main culprits with HDMI boards. The Onkyo 606 release in 2008 is one model that is plagued by HDMI problems. You can replace the caps on the board so I've read to fix it.

There was a recall on units produced from Nov. 2011 to Jan. 2012.

What model do you own?