Anyone use Open Hardware Monitor

Uh.. I think it would be this?:

<Content Include="Web\**\*.*">

If you do manage to switch it I think you may have to remove the embedded resources so you don't get any weird collisions.
It's on the backburner. My JS and MVC knowledge has improved a bit since my last foray, so I might pick it up again.

IIRC, one of the problems I ran into was the structure of the data being sent from OHM to the servlet. The JSON data is a bit of a mess and I remember getting frustrated trying to traverse the data to find the important bits, couple that with different computers reporting different sensors and such.

If you fire up OHM and enable the web-server, locate where the JSON file is updated (can't remember the URI), pull it up in Postman, and you'll see what I mean.

It's gonna need a rework and need to find a better, more, heuristic approach to parse the data. That and I'm not sure if there's a good way to determine the most "important" data that would be displayed by default - or maybe just have a list and you pick which ones you want on initial load.
I haven't forgotten about this. Decided to start fresh with a different approach of just getting the front-end to work with the incoming data, and I've made some progress in that department.

So far, managed to be able to distill the main component chunks and read the sensor data being reported by OHM and able to present that data.

Welp, this little project got set on the back burner once again, that is, until today. Decided to pick up where I left off and have an actual crude proof of concept working, sort of. It live updates though :D

Still a far cry from what I actually want, but progress is progress


See it working: