Anyone know a piano teaching program in the vein of Mavis?


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Seems like long shot, but something to help learn to read actual sheet music that will use a mic so I can use my real piano...

PC or Android. Would be for me and my daughter (9yo).
errrrr, good luck with the real piano audio to accurate midi representation part. Or any software that would use such information in a useful way for learning piano and sheet music.

Check back in a few years. Maybe less if you are satisfied with midi input.

The old fashioned way is still probably the best at present.

If anyone know more about the modern state of things than I do, feel free to correct me.
If you have access to a Mac, Garageband's piano tutorials seemed to work pretty well when I tried it. The lessons are actually well done. They also have guitar support.

The iPad version of Garageband does NOT have this function as far as I know.