Anyone here play with the Unifi Dream Router yet?


Deez Nuts
Our Meraki MX is coming up on it's licensing renewal, and give we've gone down from 2 ISPs to just 1, as much as I love Meraki, I can't justify $150/yr in licensing fees.

Since I have Unifi WAPs, the "no brainer" choice is to just get a Unifi gateway as well. I was looking at the UDM Pro initially, but then I stumbled upon the newly released UDR, which is significantly cheaper them bot the UDM pro and base UDM. The only technical difference I can see is that the base UDM has a faster CPU, but the UDR actually has more features.

Curious if anyone has had their hands on one in the wild.
I keep missing it when it comes up on the In-Stock notification list.

Right now I'm using a UDM Pro in the rack downstairs. The UDM Pro is rack-mountable, and has extra features like acting as a NVR. So if you don't need that stuff, I'd just keep an eye out for a Unifi Dream Router.