Anyone have experience of .Net build servers?


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We have the full MS suite but I'm loathe to use it, and have heard other people complaining about the TFS integration stability (surprise, surprise). I used to use my own scripts to organise builds/tests when I worked in Java but I'm guessing .Net isn't going to be as friendly.

I'm going to have a look at Cruise Control but any tips/suggestions are appreciated.
I worked with .NET stuff a few years back when it was fairly new. It wasn't on no business server or anything I was just messing around with it for writing my own scripts and what not. I was using C# and I thought the debugging features on it worked pretty good. Then again the only other langues I have worked with was ASP and PHP. So I can't really tell you from personal experience when it comes to professional web programming. Overall I thought microsoft did prety good now that have it at version 3.5 and got most of the bugs worked out.