Anyone have a mitsubishi 900U monitor?


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I realize this is slightly off topic, but I have one of these kickass 900u's and I need a little help getting the picture setup properly.
There happen to be FAR TOO MANY possible adjustments and it never looks quite right to me. If anyone wants to, do me a favor and send me your settings for everything.

I run in 1600x1200, but it would seem that the settings are universal by refresh rate.

I have the 900U. Yes, lots of adjustments. Do you have the USB hooked up? I so, you can adjust the monitor in Windows instead of using the buttons. There are also test screens to use. You have to go to Mitsu's site to DL the program.
Yep. USB hooked up, and i have the software installed, i just cant seem to get it perfect(and i'm anal about that :b)