Anyone get XFree86 4.02/4.1 working with Radeon 64MB VIVO???


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Mandrake 8.0 with XFree86 4.03 will detect it and when I run startx, sometimes X will come up and work perfectly. Usually I will get a corrupted screen. If I exit X and run startx again, then my desktop wil come up correctly, but usually not.

I had the same problem with Slackware 8.0 with XFree86 4.1.

I'm wondering if this may be specific to 64MB VIVO's?
Hmm... anyone?

Try getting the latest version of XFree86 down (4.1.0) - there might have been a slight problem in the last driver that may be fixed now.

Sorry I cant be any more use, but I really dont know what to suggest with this one :(
4.0.3 has a bug with AMD 751/756 (IRONGATE) chipsets. Do you have one of these? I'f so you have to disable acceleration.