Anyone experienced with camera repairs?


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My Nikon d3100 started acting weird with the battery, it drained the battery while powered off in 2 or 3 days, I could charge it and use it for some shots but 3 days later it would be drained.

I bought a new battery thinking that could be the problem but ended up doing the same.

I tested shooting around 50 shots one day and left it in the bag, by night time it still showed 3 bars but the next morning it was already at 2 and went to 1 bar a moment after turning it on, put on the other battery and it drained it in less than 24 hours.

Called someone and he told me that it could be the power board but he would have to open it up and check it
Being lucky, I have a Nikon service center near my home
so I always went that way...

In the US, the service center is in New York.

Otherwise, there are good repair centers but take time to check reviews...

Except for everything being packed tight, there is nothing special about a camera...
These cameras are so cheap that is not worth it to spend time and money to repair them. You might run into more issues down the road I recommend just buying another one.
Yeah the guy quoted me $100 if it was the power board, the part is 25 bucks on fleabay, thinking of changing the part myself and see if it fixes it, if not then I will have to scrap it, probably sell the lens and accessories separatly and recover a bit of the money spent on the camera, the d3100 is cheap