Anyone do any modding for Unreal Tournament engine games? ie..Rune, Deus Ex...??


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Im working on 3 completely new 3d models for the unreal engine game RUNE. And have a few questions.

I find it much easier to model everything in 3D Studio with combination AutoCAD 2002 in software on the second monitor, then the included Tool that interplay and the respective CD's provide.

Im aware that games like RUNE, Undying, and Deus EX all use the same unreal engine, and I know you can swap around the models to have Ragnar in a custom Undying mod..etc.

What im wondering is.. how would or could I extract or convert a Unreal Engine model or object, to be edited in MAX, then replaced back into the game for Modding use's.

Also, If I had a custom model, that was made in MAX, and is open to a universal svae format still, like DWG, or 3DS extension, could I theoretically convert it to be used in the Unreal Engine games? providing all pivot points, bones, nurbs..etc.. are in place.

On my site I have theres some work I did which already has a few weapons and a shoddy Skeletal system model. Instead of working from the ground up in the Unreal Editor to make similar models. I want to be able to use these models ( currently i have them in a open format, so I can import them to MAX, or save them as the needed file extension IE: DWG. 3DS.)

If i can import those few, it would save me alot of time on woking on models in the unreal Editor, and to boot, I perfer MAX and ACAD 2002 for modeling due to the raw speed and ease the 2 have, and communication they can give to each other. Being both AutoDesk Products.

So, I guess this is kind of big to ask, thats why maybe a link, or web page referal might be best.

--Is there a way to move MAX 3d models to Unreal editor with ease, and wth little corrupion, or lack or realizing what i set in MAX, when i convert it.


--How would i extract 3D modles from unreal to be used and edited in MAX?