Anyone agree with me on this (UI's)?


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The MS Office UI is just god awful. I can't stand the super white everything. Most major productivity apps are going in the right direction and allowing a dark and less distracting UI to allow you to focus whatever content you're producing.

I took a luxmeter app and measured how much my monitor is outputting to the phone, with lights off and monitor brightness all the way down.

Start Screen: 12 lux
Adobe Premiere (with project loaded): 16 lux
MS Word: 48 lux

OSHA recommends an office environment to be between 20-50 lux. Word is already bordering that in a dark room! It's killer on the eyes IMO.

What do you guys think?

Have you considered changing the theme? Default is white, but you can also change to light or dark gray.

Problem solved.

MSs version of dark grey is is almost white.

If you split the RGB greyscale spectrum into 5 parts like so...

Here is Microsoft's version of "Dark Gray".

Titlebar: 223
Ribbon: 243 (not far from white)
Page Work Area Background Average: 210

Microsoft Dark Gray UI theme

If you take photoshops brightest UI setting, you get 223, darkest 52.

Problem not solved. ;)

For what it's worth, the previews of 2015/2016 indicate a darker theme, so there's that.