anybody try'd the dvi connector ?


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i'm planning on getting a radeon all in wonder for my k7v athlon 700
and would kinda like to get a TFT monitor

i've read about problems with nvidia and dvi connectors

does anybody know how the picture qualy is using the dvi connector (not the analog part)

hhhmm ok i may be a jerk but i'm a jedi jerk like my father was before me :)
Only problem with the DVI connector that I am aware of is the fact it is only included on the White Box version. After some discussion here, I have come to agree that the White Box version is OEM and now it depends on if you have issues with buying the OEM with no VIVO support.
no it's not
the all in wonder radeon have a dvi connector insted of a analog and use a converter to get the analog sub-d connector