Any way to change freq?


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My bro and I both have the 8500DV, which included the remote.

He lives on the top floor, and I live in the basement (it's a 2 story house). But the range of the remote is sooo good that he can move my mouse, etc with his remote, and vice versa.

It's freaky when all of a sudden your programs close or you see your mouse move.

Is there any way of changing the freq or something so they won't clash?

Elsewise, we'll have to heavily shield the reciever so that it will only get signals from the closer remote.


ATI, you r0000xxx00r!

This is sooooo good. I'm really impressed that ATI had the wisdom to forsee this problem. Thank you for listening and providing us with innovative products.. and yeah, the drivers aren't 1/2 bad either!