Any suggestions for starting place for VB?


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I have a copy of VB6 Studio, and I want to learn VB, but I want to do it right. I don't want to jump in to something advanced, but not something to easy either. I have looked around old quick basic in the past, and I have also gone up to 8 chapters of a 30 chapter C++ book. So I do understand the aspect of programming languages to an extent, but I have never really done any VB. I have been told that if I learned 8 chapters of C++, then VB shouldn't be that hard to understand in it's beginner stages and basic functions. I am just looking for any good suggestions on a site or a book or some learning tool that someone successfully used to learn VB in the beginning.

Thx in advance :D


I am in a VB class now, have never really messed with it before now, but I have done ASP programming, which does use some VB script. I can tell you that VB is real easy to use. Just design your form with the buttons, etc that you want, ie the layout. Then when you go to the code, you can pick each object on your form and assign code to it. Most are very self explanitory, like object_Click, which will execute when you click that item. The way I learned VB script was just look for some basic VB sites and check out Microsoft's MSDN code page (easy link is at for VB and it will tell you all the commands and what they do and the syntax, etc.
try this site i took a vb course last year and my teacher used this site as an addition to our book (mostly because he was a moron and didnt know any vb himself... :rolleyes: )
VB is insanely easy and straight forward, as soon as you get your bearings, and figure out what your supposed to be doing.

I taught my self at where I now work (I started it when I was doing my final year project there). I learned by looking at sample programs on sites such as vbworld etc, and also internal company programs. My first program I did was designed to control a PCB I designed that had 22 digital potentiometers controlled via the parallel port. Basically it is a RTD (resistive temperature device) simulator.

If I had did it in C, I could easily have hacked up a console (dos like) program relatively quickly. I doubt I could do it in Visual C with Win32 C gui. I just don't understand that area of C and windows. :confused: To be honest I have no intention of learning C for win32. My hope is that it will go away :)

My best tip, is to hack up other people programs, and always refer to the VB help for help on using controls, commands etc. The examples that are supplied with all the help documentation, are practically enough to write your simple program.

I have a little program I made to "cheat" at a VHDL project I had last year at UNI. This VB program simulates a median filter. A median filter is a buffer that stores the last 3 numbers it was given and always outputs the median (to tired to explain "median", you'll see if you run the app!). It's like the lower value of the two most similar numbers. Mobile phones use it to average out errors during transmission. The simple program shows you how to do algorithms, output text files, use text boxes, make your own functions, use buttons, etc. You can have it here:

What it does is generate a text file of all the different permutations that could go into the stack. The stack was written in VHDL, and was the actual circuitry need to implement the filter inside a silicon chip. All very interesting! (not).