AMD SCSIAdapter update is crashing Windows 10 PCs


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Hey, just a head's up to everyone here with AMD processors. Finishing my work for the day I noticed I had a Windows Update pending, quickly glanced at it and saw it was an AMD driver and rebooted. Then the nightmarish BSOD. Here's the exact details of what I experienced so you can be aware:

Funny, the article said the update was pulled. Well not for me!

It messed up my boot manager and nuked my BIOS settings. Had my system in a loop of rebooting to a black screen. Did the trick of holding the power button to turn the system off 4 times until my system starting auto diagnosing and fixed the issue.

I used to not let Windows auto-update years ago, but figured things have been OK for a while so started doing it again. Looks like I'm going back to manually downloading and installing.

[EDIT] After doing a bit of reading, looks like this has only been affecting people with Gigabyte X570 motherboards. Big thread of people complaining about the issue here:
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Ohhh, so that was what happened to my windows installation earlier this week.

I knew there had to be someone else here that got affected by it. From what I can tell literally anyone using a GB X570 with auto Win Updates enabled would be.

Scary stuff. I am reading most people's systems eventually automatically diagnose and correct the failed boot issue, but some people are saying there's PC is totally bricked and they need to reinstall Windows.

Worst part of all this is it supposedly was noticed couple weeks ago by people using preview/insider builds of Windows but still this update got pushed to normal users.

By the way this is the quickest way to disallow Windows update from installing drivers for your hardware (should still install normal Windows updates):

control panel > system > advanced system settings > hardware > device installation settings = select NO