AMD RTG Project Canis Flagship Leaked: An Intel & AMD Desktop GPU Joint Venture


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Omfg .... 999$ UBER gpu fabricated by Intel and designed by AMD.Looks dirt cheap imo.

Seems intel wants to really do something about Nvidia dominance...Imo this is a very direct hit for nvidia empire.
Also linking with Steam account is a great idea to detect if you are a gamer or not...Haha
Now miners may buy Steam accounts overpriced to activate the GPU... LOL

I just love the "wierd" times happening

Shadow001: PREPARE YOUR DEEP POCKET ... I bet you won't want to miss this project ... 32gb HBM4
The question is...Is this capable to run full Raytracing games at this kind of specs ? If not well not interested. :D
I'm guessing this leak came from AMD. I heard their GPU R&D department is in the toilet; Like they retrofit a restroom as their new office.:bleh2:

My sources tells me are time travelers. For whatever reason, they keep splittering back to this day. Everyday is Aprils fool at wcchtech. Same day; different BS.:bleh2:
Reads article, looks at calendar.

Even if it wasn't April 1st, intel hasn't even got 10nm on the market, so the 10nm++ should be a dead give away.
This was also a dead giveaway: "There will be a standard 1 card per user policy which will have to be further validated by linking your Steam account (which must have at least $100 worth of games and 100 hours of gameplay)"

Well, other than the source being from queef tech, where every day is April fool's day.