AMD Positioning Itself to Become a Commanding Force in Rendering

I don't know if the market is reacting to this or not but AMD is up ~10% on the day so far.
Up almost 17% now this puts me in a terrible bind if I sell now I'll make a small fortune but then I'll be suicidal if it goes up even more.

Or it could drop. :runaway:
Might be helping with the news of being able to pull the trigger and use Sony fabs if necessary as well.

Radeon Pro SSG uses flash memory that can scale into the terabytes, which means we'll see professional graphics cards with 1TB or 2TB of memory available. The flash memory has direct communication with the GPU but doesn't work in the way of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) which is physically on the Interposer, with the GPU. Performance wise, the flash memory on Radeon Pro SSG can handle 8K video at 96FPS compared to the previous high-end FirePro graphics card that was only capable of 8K at 17FPS - a huge 5.6x increase in performance.
I'll continue to ride it up... and probably back down. :D

Anyone who bought at the bottom is up a lot. Personally, I didn't feel there was enough clarity as to whether AMD got their act together or not (I'm still not sure there is) to be a viable investment. I don't regret it though because even had I invested I couldn't have justified more than a small amount, which really wouldn't have made a big difference in the end.

I hope they are successful, but I think I'll keep my relationship to them on the level of a consumer. ;)
AMD puts massive SSDs on GPUs and calls it SSG

"I could go on about the benefits but you get the idea, it changes the game in a fundamental way that few recent technologies have done. It really is that important for the professional graphics space and what starts there trickles down to the consumer space in short order. A single 4x version with 128 or 256GB of space on board is easily within the price range of high-end consumer GPUs and it would effectively wipe out most texture size limits. Streaming texture hacks, brilliant as they are, would be unnecessary, drivers simplify, CPU load goes down, usable PCIe bandwidth goes up while PCIe latency plummets because of congestions relief. Fundamentally game changing for consumers too."

This will reset all benchmarks ... :)