AMD Investor Relations Announces “Next Horizon” Event for November 6th


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Earlier today on their Investor Relations website, AMD posted notice of a new event. Dubbed “AMD Next Horizon”, the event is currently slated for November 6th – no time is provided – and this is all we know. In fact the event page is outright barren, containing nothing except the name of the event and the calendar links. No other details are provided regarding the content or who might be presenting this event.

Meanwhile, that this went up on the Investor Relations site is telling. US financial regulations require AMD to post notice of events where significant material information will be disclosed – meaning that when AMD announces new products or releases significant information about products, architectures, & roadmaps, they’re required to make that information accessible to investors. So whatever AMD is up to next week, it’s important enough to trigger those rules.

Info on Zen 2 and/or Vega 7nm most likely.
smart indeed when I thought that updated information would only be due in January of next year regarding both 7nm CPU's and GPU's as well.... Basically a year ahead of intel having 10nm CPU's for desktops....Boom.
Some chiphell rumor on tomorrow's AMD new horizon event.

1. ipc improvement is still higher than expected
2. Focus on improving memory delay
3. avx performance enhancement (but it is estimated that it does not support 512)
4. frequency preview (engineering sample frequency has been higher than expected)
5. More refined boost frequency step Progress (pbo and xfr are smarter)
6. It is not clear whether ryzen will put pcie-4.0
7. one more thing......(ray tracing?!?!)

Rumor is ipc is anywhere from 13% to 20% higher before speed increase on zen 2.

Did you read the part where they don't have any output connectors.. meaning they are only for deep learning/AI and won't be possible to game on at all.

Which very well could be the beginning of dedicated cards for ray tracing and such that can be added to ANY combination of GPU's, rather then having it an all in one solution such as Nvidia's Turing.
My one question is if they took the memory controller off the die and put it in a 14nm controller chip what does that mean for am4 upgrades... I seriously doubt they have 2 different 7nm dies for the 8 core chips.
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Rumor is am4 socket might get that controller chip and up to 2 dies for those upgrading to ryzen 3000 on x370-470.

Not sure it makes sense to get a 2 dies 16 core setup on am4 with just dual channel ram tho... tho some think the big controller chip has a huge amount of cache on it to compensate any issues of taking the memory controller off die. Looking forward to see how this will work but it would crush intel to have amd have a 16 core option already next year when they can barely manage 8.
Threadripper will follow epyc and be pcie 4.0 but not going to replace my zenith extreme yet

but would like to know if AM4 will get pcie 4.0
I would be willing to buy a new crosshair viii hero