AMD Hopes To Earn $22 Billion Revenue In 2025 For A Staggering 232% Growth Over 2019!

:p you seem like a swell guy yourself Nunz, thanks.

You are embarrassing yourself. That cringy twitch stream group is not the same thing and you know it. Nvidia used/s a third-party advertising agency to hire people to promote their products while pretending to be unbiased consumers. In the past, it was AEG that would subcontract out these people. They would (not Nvidia) give these people free hardware and pretend they bought it and promote it.

The only person embarrassing themselves is you as you're coming across as a massive AMD fanboy. Take off your red glasses and look at the real world like the rest of us.

Did you buy the last three Radeon GPU's? Oops I did. Does that make me objective about AMD I think so. I've also bought Zen + and Zen 2 have you? Please don't lecture me about AMD I've put my money where my mouth is have you? Please let me know I'm dying to hear fanboy :lol:
Where you put your money does not make you more or less right on things.

But it gives me the right to an opinion because I've bought it, experienced it and can make a valued judgment on it's performance rather than someone who hasn't bought it and just summarises other people's opinions. :lol: Easy really.
Just semantics, both were social media influencers.

Come on ,Man. The Nvidia Focus Group were viral marketing shills disguised as normal forum posters like us.

Only when they were caught did they confess.
AMD had nothing insidious like this group.
I'll agree that the secret nature of the focus group was a betrayal to the community and Nvidia being too aggressive. Personally don't have any problems with social media being used for company executives, managers, engineers, influencers or extreme fans as long as it is up front. They both had advocacy marketing programs.