AMD Crushes Q2 2018 Earnings


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AMD announced excellent second-quarter earnings for 2018 as the company’s overall position continues to strengthen. Overall revenue was $1.76B compared with $1.15B for the same period in 2017, up 1.53x year-on-year. Sales also improved by 7 percent compared with Q1 2018, and gross margin for the quarter was 37 percent, compared with 34 percent in Q2 2017. Net income for the quarter was $116M.

“We had an outstanding second quarter with strong revenue growth, margin expansion and our highest quarterly net income in seven years,” said Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO. “Most importantly, we believe our long-term technology bets position us very well for the future. We are confident that with the continued execution of our product roadmaps, we are on an excellent trajectory to drive market share gains and profitable growth.”

Higher revenue for the year on year period was driven by stronger sales across all of AMD’s business segments, while the sequential increase was driven by higher revenue in the Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom segment. Overall GPU revenue fell by four percent according to Patrick Moorhead, which isn’t much considering the decline in cryptocurrency shipments over the same period.
Good news, but Ryzen, ThreadRipper, and EPYC are still scarce in business-class offerings from the major OEMs. I'll buy the hell out of Ryzen APU ThinkCentres when they become available.
You read that right. I sold 600 shares at a loss of $774. I thought I was smart. I sold 500 shares after gaining 50% @ $4.25, and after earnings report, it dropped like a rock to $3.40. I rebought and added 100 shares. Over the next couple of years it went on a precipitously downward trend... Gain 4 cents, lose 3. Gain 5 cents, lose 4. Gain 2 cents, lose 3. I held on to it when it was at $1.80. Rumors that Samsung would buy came about and it jumped to $2.30 or something, but I still held on. Then it dropped below $2 again, cent by cent over the course of months.

They came out with the Fury X and it was a bust. Their chips could not compete with Intel. Market share was tanking.

When the stock jumped from $1.90 to $2.25, I cut my losses.

Looking at them today at $32+... I tell you what, my lack of confidence from the past is pretty hard to cope with.
Somebody had to lose money so someone else could make it right?

Now to find someone brave enough to buy them at 30-40$. I dont think Intel is sitting still. They didnt hire some of AMD's best people for nothing.
23% better per core but I really want to know the core speed.

Over 9000Mhz!



Here is to hoping that on TSMC with their 7nm designs they can finally get over the 4Ghz hurdle. The IPC is there, Intel is simply skating by based on their clock speeds alone now. Zen 2 will hopefully continue to deliver on the success of Ryzen.

And for the stock, I got in at around $12 for only 100 shares, but... it is nice to see that nearly 3 times what I originally invested. Can't even imagine those who got in the near penny stock levels years ago.... Hopefully upward and onward from here on out.