AMD Announces FreeSync 2


Its cool but it would just be nice to get a 144Hz monitor and not have to worry what card I upgrade to can't use the X-Sync inside it. :nope: I'm still on the fence about 4k let alone 4k with HDR. My next upgrade will prob be a Freesync Viewsonic 27" (currently $323) monitor wise but really 4k just seems. :bleh:

Agree. Just bought my current 34" monitor in October and it is great, but it can't come close to matching the visuals I get out of my new Samsung 65" 8000 series 4K HDR set.....can't wait for visuals like that on PC (not putting my PC on the TV as it is not FreeSync and since having a FS monitor, I won't play on anything less than FS.....