Am I spoiled by Omega???


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I would have thought the Omega's would be out on the 9039's. Usually the next day or the day after he is there.

Besides visiting his website is there any other way we can support him?

Wonder what is so different with the 9039's...any thoughts?
be patient

be patient

Both Omega and Cyborg are working to fix the errors in the latest set before they put out their releases. For you XP folk Cyborg said it would probably be a Sunday or Monday night release for the Omega/RedSoft drivers. I don't know about Omega and Win9x drivers he hasn't said.

Check out the Omega/Cyborg support site.
What I heard...

What I heard...

...was pretty much the same as Funkybuffalo. I think Cyborg is getting ready to take a brief holiday, but he promised he'd be getting his new set up before he left. I'd say Monday latest, but I'm pretty half-conscious right now. I'd stay away from that Driver Heaven place, nothing but trouble-makers and upstarts over there.
thats right were nothing but spammers and petty ingrates....oh and yeah we even have a flaming forum where flamers can be king heh all R3D is kick out the flamers....wimps :P
I am getting concerned that Omega is OK. I have not even seen a response from him in days. Some go check on him...OK?!


He is properly creating a super driver, tweaked so GTA3 is running perfectly on every computer *dreaming* :D

Nahh he is properly busy tweaking, i also heard something about vacation, which is a great idea, beach here i come :p

*need patch*
He had some problems with the AIW part, and he's trying to fix that. He said he hoped to get them up next sunday/monday.