All-In-Wonder Returns - AIW HD...

Isn’t there a posted file hash somewhere so you know what your getting is really what your getting? The AVS forums and endgadgetHD posted links should be good. Don’t know though, like I said I’m trying to resist.
well the hash would be from MS but they've not released it yet that I can find, so can't verify that the hash is authentic as well.
"How to get Windows Media Center receiving premium HD cable content without Cable CARD"

Thanks much for the links Agustus! My guess would be that the flag that says it's not in the clear is stripped out. Have to find out if the signal's there with our Moto boxes, or if the one listed is available, & if it works with Brighthouse.
Crawfished out of installing the update. Per Agustus' advice went to the endgadgethd forums and there were so many conflicting posts, I decided to go with the not broke, don't fix theorem. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who took the leap.