All in wonder Pro 128 and Transform & Lightning


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I have this old card, and 2 new games.
My games need the "Transform & Lightning" stuff. The AIW 128 does not have this !
I also have difficulties installing DirectX9.c. ths DirectXb version is working fine.

This there a way to 'emulate' (software implementation of T&L) or let the game belives the T&L feature is present ?


I don't want to buy another card (or 2 : one for 3D one for video in) for more than 180 euros for only 2 games wich costs less than 90 euros !
DX9c should not give any trouble to install. It should install on any box you want, independent of video card.
As for emulated T&L, never heard of it. Still, you should have no problems running these games.
Have you installed the latest drivers?
I have the drivers installed from WXPR1286133279.exe and MMC72noDVD.exe. I think they are the last (and old : ATI doesn't care about this card since severakl years !)
They are dated from 2001/09/25 version is 6.13.3279.0

The following games have problems :
- Homaworld 2 : tooooo slowwww. It can 'work', but even moving the mouse is too slow. The game is un-playable.
- Dawn of war : I'm not even able to access the menu. As soon as I clic on it, it say I don't have T&L and exit. I'm not even able to change graphics settings !
The exact error is :
A dialog box with "can't find spooge driver". Check that DirectX is correctly installed.

I've installed dxsetup.exe for Direct Xb and Direct Xc. I had some problems installing version 9c on a clean version 9b, but now if I install then again, it says : DirectX is already installed.

So I belive Direct X should be OK (at least version 9b)

And as my graphic card is a bit old... I'm asking if it could be the "T&L" stuff thats's missing... I don't know if there is T&L on an All in Wonder Pro 128. It seems not because the previous game "Homaworld 2", say T&L was missing.