All-In-Wonder Drivers: What IS the problem with NSP and T200 anyway?


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Hi guys, I'm new here, and I just bought a used AIW card for capturing VHS home movies (because the AGC issues on my TV Wonder 650 were driving me nuts). I've seen lots of posts on this and other forums about SP/NSP/T200 drivers for AIW cards. Supposedly, the T200's are very bad news, and apparently a lot of people have gone to extreme lengths to replace NSP drivers with SP drivers, such as here.

However, what I have not been able to find is a clear explanation of what is right/wrong about the various drivers, and who it affects. I've seen references to lockup issues, but I don't know which drivers they apply to and whether they only apply to MMC (I use Virtualdub, so MMC issues mean absolutely nothing to me). I also don't really use the TV tuners, because I'm just capturing VHS movies through S-Video.

So...all blabbing aside, can anyone give me a clear breakdown? What is actually wrong with the T200 drivers? What is wrong with the NSP drivers compared to the SP drivers? Thank you!
There isn't anything "wrong" the T200 drivers per se, it's just that using them changes the way the TV viewing and Video Capture works compared to how it works with the older drivers.

For one thing, when using the T200 drivers, there is at least 500 milliseconds of delay added to the capture stream both when watching TV and when doing a video capture. Since there is a delay, you can't use the video input with a Game Console like an XBox or Wii, etc. The older style drivers do not introduce a delay. There are many, many threads about all of this.

If you are capturing VHS the T200 Stream driver can also cause a problem since you can't remove the Macrovision detection which can prevent you from copying your own home movies sometimes since it's detection scheme can be too aggressive. With the older drivers you can find a "corrected" Macrovision driver and replace the stock version.

You are also stuck with Windows XP with an AIW Card regardless of what driver version because there is no support under any OS newer than that. You need to use MMC with the older drivers and 9.08 or newer with the T200 driver.

If everything is working for what you are doing with your current setup, then don't mess with it. :)

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