AIW Rage 128 Pro -- TV enable "greyed out" in XP. Any known fixes?


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I have an AIW ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra installed in an old system with XP on it -- want to make a system for playing videos from my home network on the TV. Problem is, the TV-Out seems it is greyed out.

I have tried:

-installing MMC (tv tuner works.. can get tv-in!)
-turning TV on/off
-changed resolution to 800x600
-enabled first two sectors of shadow RAM,
-then disabled them (both advised by ATI knowledgebase)

has anyone got this thing to do tv-out in XP before?


As far as I know, there is only the one set of drivers -- the ones released and available through ATI (released in late 2001).

Are there other drivers I should be aware of?
Hmm.. I dont know. I figure the ATI drivers didnt work for you.
Ensure that the tv is connected to the computer and powered on, before turning on the pc.
Try using the Windows 2000 driver if the XP driver fails.
Hi, i have the same problem with my xpert 98 agp 2x i cant seem to enable the tv out option. Any info would be much appreciated as i have exhausted the google search engine with searches.