AIW Radeon use same MMC & DVD as Rage Fury Pro?


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Does the AIW Radeon use the same MMC and DVD Win2k software as the 32MB Rage Fury Pro? Does the same apply to Win 98? I'm contemplating replacing my Rage Fury Pro with an AIW Radeon. Will I have to install new MC and DVD software in my Win2k and Win 98 partitions?


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AFAIK, the MMC with the Radeons is based on the new version of the
ATI Multimedia Center (MMC 7.0) that has not been released yet for
any cards other than the Radeon. There are beta versions of the
MMC available on ATI's site for the Rage 128 cards.

Also, if you are going to move up to the AIW Radeon, you will want and
have to install the new software that comes with it to take advantage
of the new features in the AIW_R.