AIW Radeon + HDTV?


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I'm pretty sure that I read that the AIW Radeon will support HDTV. Does that mean that I will be able to view all HDTV broadcasts?

the AIW Radeon will not out of the box support display of HDTV content.

ATI has said that the AIW or other Radeon based cards will require an HDTV capable tuner to recieve HDTV content. as the AIW doesn't come with this built in it won't support HDTV broadcasts currently.

Word is that ATI will release some kind of daughter card (or perhaps a seperate card i don't know) that will work as an HDTV tuner and will leverage the Radeons HDTV decoding capabilities. Hopefully it will be available within the next 6 months.
I had read somewhere that ATI has a 'proof of concept' HDTV chip but doesn't expect the market to be ripe to mass produce the chip.
Pinnacle had introduced an HDTV card for $400/- but has since removed it from their site and supposedly will not be coming out with it for now because the market is not ripe to mass produce the cards.
The Radeon AIW has RGB analog and DVI digital outputs for flatpanels and projectors, but does not have the Y,Y-r,Y-b component analog used on many Japanese sets, so its support for HDTV ready sets is spotty.. Audio Authority sells a $120 gizmo that can fixup the RGB analog for thos types of HDTVs.