AIW Radeon available??


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On Aug-30th an online retailer indicated to me that the AIW Radeon will be available only after two weeks or so. Earlier today I ordered the AIW Radeon from PCWonders. They had it in stock (according to the online message). Within 5 minutes of my having ordered it, it was backordered (probably the extreme demand for the product). I haven't been able to confirm with them that the product is truly in their warehouse and ready to be shipped to me (and those who were lucky to order it before it got backordered). Most probably I should have my AIW Radeon in a week or so (Yipee!). I found PCWonders throuh Chick's Hardware price guide and later on "".

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There was already an AIW Radeon delayed
thread here saying that the cards release
date had been pushed back to mid-September.

It looks like PCWonders is taking pre-orders
on the assumption that they will have stock
to send out after the 15th.