AIW Pro AGP - Player does not pick up tuner


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Hi I just joined. hope somebody can help me...
Rig- k62 300(100x3) Epox 58-mvp3 VIA vp3 mobo 32mb ram scsi hdd cd magneto optical.

Problem: ATI player does not allow me to use the tuner ( no tuner options tab). Line input works fine, capture works fine. I did notice a ! in device manager net to DMWTuner or something like that.

Also, AIW pro identified as Rage Pro Turbo by Win98!

PLS HELP!!!! :(
I tried the drivers that came on v5.30 (?) of the installation CD. no luck. uninstalled everything, deleted all ATI*.* files. downloaded ATI latest version from this site. Installed, no luck. I will be trying j511 soon. I tried win2k, drivers all look fine, but ATI multimedia player won't work under NT. bummer. I'll go back to 95sr2 soon!!!

The place I bought it from managed to get the NTSC version cd in the PAL box!

Got the pal drivers and she works!