AIW 9600Pro - Blank video after update


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Not exatcly sure why I decided to update to Catalyst 8.5 display drivers, but I think that's the likely source of my problem.

I watch CATV on MMC 9.16 and it detected properly the signal as SD:480i (when used with Catalyst 7.12)

After installing the new drivers, my CATV signal gets detected as HD:960i (I don't see video, but I can hear the audio). Interestingly if I use the "channel surf" I can see all the channels thumbnails.

Anyone experience this problem before?

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8.5 is where ATI updated the 2 driver t200 files, with another update I think in 8.6 & maybe one in the hotfix they talk about in the Cat Driver forum section. Could try moving just the t200 drivers either forward or back, though it'd probably be safer to go back to whatever set was working for you, assuming the newer drivers don't provide a cure you need.

I *Think* it was 8.3 (could have been 8.2) where I had all sorts of problems with my 650 pci conflicting with the graphics card Avivo, so I haven't updated the AIW 9600 to that version or since (it's now in my wife's PC - hey, she wouldn't let me buy her a new one - so I can't check):(
Thanks for the info... however using an older driver didn't fix it.

I ran a System Restore to roll it all back... that partially fixed my problem. I can see the TV again. However I think it messed up my audio.

I used to watch MMC TV w/ the Line-In muted. Now I can't hear any audio via the digital processing. So now the analog audio is out of sync with the screen.

I think I need to reinstall Windows. :p
When I was using the AIW 9600, whenever the audio started acting up I'd plug into the Svid & Composite audio on the purple cable breakout... That always shocked it into fixing itself - unplug the cables, switch back to the tuner, & everything was working just fine.

Otherwise one thing I found invaluable was to export & save a reg file for MMC while everything was working. At least a dozen times that saved me from having to fuss with MMC or the AIW's tuner --> AIW starts acting screwy, merge the registry file, everything worked just fine again.