AIW 9600 any fix for tv hanging system?


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This is a blast from the past as I can't find any discussion newer than 2005! I have a P4 2.8(HT) XP pro with a AIW 9600. A couple of years ago I settled on MMC 9.061(don't know how to tell what cat) as the least troublesome and have dealt with the tv freezing up system and never knowing if a scheduled recording would happen correctly. Dealing with lousy audio sync, too. Guideplus wasn't downloading listings correctly yesterday till I repaired through the add/remove programs in control panel. Wouldn't repair straight from ATI disc.
Started looking around and found Ghildber's post from Oct 2005. I had a Dell driver for the ATI WDM Rage Theater Video NSP so maybe this fix will help? Still have the audio sync problem.
Guess I'm asking if a solution ever was developed for my problems. Did any of the plethora of new cats and mmcs ever actually fix the bugs? I really don't want to go through all the remove/replace/cuss/remove/replace/cuss, etc that I went through back when. Living with the bugs has been less traumatic.

edit: and Guideplus listings are still screwed up...
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I had a 9800AIW and used the same MMC (9.061) on near the same setup you have. Two suggestions, if you want TV performance rather than gaming performance, use Cat 6.12 as your video driver. Also, although DotNet 2 will work, my MMC always ran better with DotNet 1.1 installed. Both the video driver and the dotnet came on my stock installation CD. Tried a lot of different things, but for TV these always worked best.