aiw 128 tv-audio problem


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I have a problem in the audio of my tv tuner (MMC 7.2), the audio stop and restart every second, in all the stations.
But during the autoscan it's ok.
Amd Athlon 1Mhz
VIA KT133 - K7VAT+
512 Mb Ram
Sound Blaster 128 PCI
Ati aiw 128 pro
Windows 2000 SP4
I had a similar problem a few years ago, which suddenly appeared for no apparent reason.
It turned out that I had accidentally hot-keyed the TV-out active without realizing it.
The problem went away when I turned the TV-out secondary display off again when I discovered it was on a week or more later.
All levels of MMC seem to have audio problems with the TV tuner if the secondary monitor is active.
Check whether yours is on - it seems to default on if you've recently re-installed.