AIW 128 AGP need MMC on XP Pro help


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I have an All-In-Wonder 128, 16 mb, AGP 2x that has been on this PC since it was built, running Win98.

Since we have multiple hard drives, we were multibooting both 98 and XP Pro for awhile. About two years ago, in ignorance, I got rid of 98 and been multibooting XP on different drives. The C drive is still FAT32 and the second XP is NTFS.

Needless to say, I have not been able to install the multimedia software to take advantage of the AIW features. I would like to be able to transfer VHS tapes to our hard drives, then burn them to DVDs.

I have the XP display drivers installed, but can't install the other software. I have researched and have read that others have been successful, but after so much reading and failed attempts, I am sooooooo confused.

I am considering installing Win98 on the C drive just so I could install the AIW with all of the software, but not really crazy about that since my Win98 knowledge is very limited.

I have tried installing older versions of the MMC on XP, but each time I receive an error message that setup was not able to detect compatible device/software.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated, since it's going to be awhile before we can have a new PC built to replace this dinosaur.:nuts: BTW, I still have the original CD's that came with the card.