AIW 128 32mb tv troubles


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I just recieved my new All In Wonder 128 32 mb card about 2 weeks ago. It works good for most everything, just the usual bugs with the drivers that everyone seems to have.

One problem I have I do not see mentioned anywhere, WebTV will only recieve black and white, and wavetop/intercast cannot seem to get any data. Any ideas?

I have done a complete rebuild of the PC/OS from the ground up with the same results.

Thanks in advance,
I had the same problem with WebTV, half the channels were not in colour and it never seemed to obtain any content whatsoever.

I don't think it is a problem with the card though. My VCR is supposed to obtain the time automatically on the cable but it doesn't. I am thinking that I might not be able to get Intercast/WebTV features in my area. Also, Intercast/WebTV is a major system-resource hog that is doesn't uninstall well so I doubt I will ever try it again.
I found that this problem seems to be related to the default capture device used by web tv. But there seems to be no fix that I can find.
I had a similar problem with Cinax Winvcr, Winvcr was defaulting to the ATI Rage Theater Video Capture device instead of the ATI Multimedia Video Driver. WEBtv does not seem to have an option to select the video device.
I have been looking for a related ini or registry setting but alas no luck yet.
I found you can get two kinds of drivers for display capture, if you don't install ati video player you get wdm type drivers, but if you install video player you get more ati multimedia capture drivers, which I think are video for windows or 16 bit compatible.. not sure about all the differences. I found installing ati video player helped cause then I could change channels and stuff I couldn't do before. This applies to AIW pro (not 128). I could never get any data either but I tracked down a list of pbs stations that supposed to carry this stuff and wgbh 2 boston supposed to have it. Just once I did get a flashing yellow i which means intercast during a medicine commercial and clicked it, it brought up a web page on this product. Also I found that webtv autoselects cable/antenna channels depending if anything is received on channel 14, thus if you have cable but not channel 14 it will limit you to 13 channels only. Once I upgrade my cable package it went and found all the channels.