Air cooling getting better...

I guess if you're comparing bottom dollar AIO to highest end air cooling then sure they come close to parity.

I paid a lot more than that for this EK 360mm elite.

I mean the Dark Rock Pro 4 is only $15 cheaper then the Pure Loop 280. Why would anyone who's case can accommodate a 280mm rad choose the Dark Rock?
Meh. I want a geothermal-cooler, where the heatpipes are buried 200 ft underground. Pros: No moving parts! Cons: Computer can NEVER be moved from the location that your landscape contractors install is. Also, earthquakes may be a problem.

You just centralize your computer into a room setup for this type of setup and then wire your house with fiber optic USB n' DisplayPort/HDMi to X room's you want to be able to use that PC from :D