AGP Rage 128 Fury with an ISA TV Tuner Card


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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the TV Tuner/Video Player software for use with the AGP Rage 128 Fury with an ISA TV Tuner Card? This is for Win98. There is no listing for tuner software on ati's website. There was a page that I found that said I needed a "cable kit" I filled the form out about 2 months ago but never received anything. I have also emailed them several times. I am starting to hate that company!
Cut the last 2 wires (NOT the red ones) from your cable that attaches the isa TV to the fury. Make sure you give your Fury an irq (set of 3 pin jumper located on your Fury). Grab the ISA TV drivers from Rage Underground's site and you're in business!!
Hope this helps.

PS: I've been waiting for my cable kit from the first day they posted it on thier site.
If you would like the cable kit...I have one. I might even have the cd here too yet.
If you want to send me a couple bucks for the shipping and stuff...I can send it...
Let me know by email please, as I don't get up here very often anymore.

[email protected]
You can download the ATI MMC 6.2 kit from site. The address should be in the links section.