Addaptive Hoffman compression


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Argh, this **** is going to drive crazyyyyy.

Everything works perfectly.. except that the **** stops the decompression sorta randomly.
It compress/decompress 2000 characters almost flawlessly but it can't properly compress/decompress the string "ghijkl". 6 ****ing lettes...

Well when I solve what the problem is I guess that will be the last bug. It better be >.>

Need to go rest for a while. My head is heating up :D



Fixed that, seems like I still have a bug in the program. Decompression processes goes fubar at 50% :D

performance is quite poor thou, need a better way to update the tree :\
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Well.. I'm still opened to ideas if anyone has ever done this :)

Coincidently, it either ****s up the encoding or the decoding. "ATI" is transformed into "AT€somethingsomething" :bleh: Should be too hard to track down the bug :bleh: Hoping its the last one, couse I'm starting to get the idea to start from scratch :bleh:




I fell like a noob right now. I seem to have forgot to open the output file in binary mode and it parsed some characters incorrectly and fubared my output. All is fixed now and it works perfectly :drool: Now I just need to fiddle with the code for a massive speed increase. I'll upload the exe in a few days if anyone wants to try it.
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