Actionscript/Javascript ethic coding


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I tried to look at many tutorials, and all tutors have their own way of coding ethic.

Some people code this way (curly braces):
function myFunction():void{
others this way:
function myFunction():void
Some will add underscores on variables, others don't. And many subtle things. I've yet to see a good website explaining some of the reasons and logic behind code structures, if it for aesthetic or weight wise.

I'd like to have some links if you know some.
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Coding standards are for increasing readability of code. There are many different standards out there. The main point is to create consistency across all the code you write. There is no right or wrong way. You can even check out a few standards and pcik and choose parts that best work for you. Here's a Wiki link on coding standards that is informative:

Try googling Javascript "Coding Standards" to find some examples for Javascript.