Achieved 5.1 eax (finally) with home reciever


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For the longest time I could get DD and DTS from dvd's with my sb live platinum and an optical cable but EAX sucked. I resolved this by using (3) 1/4" to L/R Rca adapters. Connected from sound card outputs (line out, rear out, and the center/sub channel that doubles as the DIN jack) to the discrete (separate) 5.1 analog input on my reciever. Now my reciever decodes DD & DTS streams via optical cable, and my sb decodes eax & a3d. I now get true 3d eax sound. Sound comes from each speaker separately. When a sound source is behind me it really is behind me.
It is in the way the signal reaches the reciever. Using the 5.1 discrete inputs all the reciever does is it acts like an amplifier. It was designed for "Dolby Digital Ready" Which means whatever plugs into it has to do all the decoding. That and I have never heard even a DTS movie have this good of a sound field, much less the pro-logic setup (which is all the reciever could use to decode the input).