A System Error has occured.


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What's up with the site going out constantly with that error? Did we lose a bunch of hamsters?:bleh:
Ya its chronic... can do it every 2 clicks but then do it 20 times in a row... I guess when they fix one hamster another goes rogue.

30k "guests"!!!

Block the bots!​
Ah so the flood of bots were DOSing the site? Would explain that system error I guess...
It happens too regularly to be the bots. I also just saw this while trying to post, so really the website is screwing up its queries. Like, there are clearly crap characters at the ends of these queries.

Where's Lupine? Is there anyone managing the site anymore? The site is unusable. It's a miracle I can make this post without the error.
Fixed now maybe? Can actually browse the forums without hitting the error almost instantly.
About damn tiem.

Still getting errors trying to post but at least the site is not punching itself in the taco every 5 seconds >:e
I thought the forum was dead for sure... that was a long bug. but is it really gone?
This is actually really exciting. The forum is better than Discord. And it loads fast now. Posting is a bit slow, but we can live with that. I can finally speed load the screenshot thread again!
It slow as fuck now, so I guess the forum is a couple of days from being down for a month or two again.
I feel like i jinxed it... Was fast for a day but the adrenaline shot they gave the gerbil wore off as it usually does pretty quick.
Admins: any feedback? What went on? Considerations on pulling the plug? Site was effectively down for over a month.and now it's magically working again? Did I miss a post?
I just noticed that the forum is running quite slow, however, I can tell you that it is similar in several others. I don't know, maybe with the new year something changed most simply, possibly such is the load. Greetings and have a nice day, thanks for the opportunity to join your community.
Nearly 2500 guests browsing right now. If error logs are generated from guests browsing, and the site keeps crashing because storage is full of error logs, it probably needs to be closed off to unregistered users.
Hey all - site went down again. Im not sure what the fix was last time but this time it was due to lack of free space, 0 bytes available on the host. I've purged some stuff to get it back online. I've asked Trunks to restore my administrator privileges and I'll take a look at the admin control panel to see whats going on. I will be looking at blocking access to browse the forums without being logged in.