A projector for home theater for my parents


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Hello guys! I got asked by my parents to rig a quite solid home theater for them. I just bought the surround system and the sound is incredible i must say, the sound system costed me around 1800 dollars and i found it to just be amazing.

Now my remaining budget is for a home theater projecter, it can cost around 1700-1900 dollars. Can I get something good for that price and what would u recommend from OWN expierence. The saloon is about 130m squeres and theres plenty of room and a large white wall as well.
pure theater use I'm assuming? There are some with the brightness to be perfectly usable with moderately covered windows. And even for much cheaper.

I have an $800 1080 3d pj (can't even remember the brand right now..) that is very nice for the price. Will check when i get home.
Do they need 3d ?

Can they "see" 60 Hz display flickering ? (would rule out DLPs)

Is the 1900 $ in US funds ?

White walls is one thing, huge windows is another :) They can be covered with fabric, but not everyone wants this.

How big of a screen are they going with ?

Just a couple of questions to pinpoint a bit more where you can go :)

night, it's probably a BenQ W1070 :p