A different girder plugin - FULL control over remote functionality.


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Hi all..

I managed to put together a plugin for girder which gives full functionality over the ATI remote (and X10 remotes of the same family) - ALL the buttons are accounted for.

It bypasses ATI's software altogether, though. It's probably not a good idea to run both at the same time.
(It interfaces directly to X10's control dll - x10net.dll)

Anyway, it's posted out on the girder plugin page under 'X10/ATI remote plugin'.

If anyone is interested, I have a GML file that does a good job with mouse emulation and stuff, which is the only thing I missed in the transition from ATI's software to girder.

Please play around with it a little, and let me know if there are any problems, or if you have ideas for improvements.


P.S: If anyone is interested in the source, I intend to release it soon - After I clean it up a little.
Oops.. Problem with distribution - Sorry

Oops.. Problem with distribution - Sorry

** Flash update **
Please wait before downloading, there was an erroneous link in the distribution that should be fixed within the next few hours.

For those who already downloaded - Please wait and download again when the site is updated(or you can try and download borlndmm.dll)
** End of flash update **

Sorry for the inconvenience,
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Back to normal..

Back to normal..


The Girder plugin page is updated - And this version should work for you (hopefully)

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience,
A really great plugin !!!
Very good for me because I'm a Girder addict :), it's more powerfull than ati plugin system.
Now I can use all the buttons, that's great.

I have only one bug with your plugin, it takes a long time to shut down Girder under win98.

thank's for all !
ACClarke, did you manage to somehow setup girder to do same thing as ati's soft for maximizing apps? (ie you have to maximize not maximized window and vice versa, but i haven't found a way to check that status in girder)
mazy said:
ACClarke, did you manage to somehow setup girder to do same thing as ati's soft for maximizing apps? (ie you have to maximize not maximized window and vice versa, but i haven't found a way to check that status in girder)
I maximize windows only on bsplayer , I emulate "f" key

I can't do anything for your problem !
sorry !
please could you send me a gml file for girder which have the remote wonder's default functions (mouse, ...)


I posted mouse functionality GML on Girder forum's tips and tricks section - A direct link is http://www.girder.nl/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3137.

(note that this functionality is slightly different, but can easily be adjusted).

The numeric keypad and the arrows are fairly easy to program in Girder.

I haven't done any work replicating the ATI's original functionality, as I have little need of the ATI-specialized software.

As for the play/stop/etc. I still haven't been successful in generating the appropriate WM_APPCOMMAND messages from Girder..
They are not supported by the TV app I am using, so it doesn't bother me too much.

Once I solve that problem, I will probably update the plugin distribution to include a skeleton GML file for the remote.

Hope this helps,
I am using this plugin and experiencing what appears to be lockups in the plugin. I can solve the problem be either completely restarting Girder or by killing the plugin (via the run32dll process) then resetting the plugin in the Girder app.

I have noticed that the plugin crashes most often if the Girder app is in the forground or an overlay window is open, but it crashes under other use as well.

Have you experienced this problem, and is there an update that might address these issues?




This plug in works great. I have finally hijacked all the ATI specific buttons for my HTPC.

One quirk though, is getting the cursor to move, using mouse control actions associated with the directional pad. I can move the cursor one step at a time, and I can set the step to whatever I want, but when I hold the d-pad, it uses a different command:


Instead of X10_UP_* or X10_DN_*
Whenever a button is held down. How am I supposed to move any distance? I haven't been able to capture the X10_RT_**** commands, so its hard to repeat something, such as a cursor move, or volume change.

Aside from that, it works perfect! Awsome job.

Mouse control, and repeated messages

Mouse control, and repeated messages


Regarding the mouse movement issues commented on in the last message:
* I have posted a mouse movement script that does smooth mouse movement and acceleration on the girder forums. You can find it (and some improvements made on it) at http://www.girder.nl/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3137.

Secondly, regarding the _RT_ messages - These happen for all of the remote buttons.
Basically on 'Key down' the remote sends a _DN_ message, on 'Key Up' it sends a _UP_ message, and if the key remains down for a while, it sends _RT_ messages at regular intervals - This is a feature of the X10 COM object which I just let through, as I find it usefull. To get repeated keypresses, for example, you would point both the _DN_ and the _RT_ messages at the same command.

Seondly, I am trying to pinpoint the problem reported by avekevin (and others on the Girder forums) - If anyone can contribute some information on this, please e-mail or PM me
(the e-mail address can be found in the readme that comes with the plugin, or on the Girder plugin download page)

Hope this helps,
Mouse movement

Mouse movement

With the help of Ermon's scripts I was able to modify them to control the mouse more smoothly. I think some work could be done to accelerate like the remote does, however this is a big step.

When you press the mouse movement (ATI Remote specifically) the mouse will begin to accelerate. After pressing the button you have 1.5 seconds before the mouse goes back into "slow" mode.

check it out.


A really GREAT plugin, my compliments @ ermon!
It not only let me program all the buttons I wanted but also solved a problem with ATIs drivers (which didn't work very well in my case).
(Btw: The mouse works great as well just using Girder and programming all the keys.)

And your tips regarding mouse movement (or just keeping one button pressed) came too late for me but surely are what many have been looking for!

So keep up the good work and thanks for helping ATI out where they needed it! :D
I'm wondering if different apps can have different button programming with this plugin.
IE...Can the volume up button be the up arrow for BSplayer and + in wmp9?
Those are just examples, though.
People sometimes want to make things much harder than they need to be.
I was able to get the same button/different apps/different keys working just fine by having one program's button without "alternative proc" checked and the other one with "alternative proc" checked. I also used the target button on each to specify the executable to run the keypress for.
I had the fullscreen button of the ati remote wonder set to "z" for powerdvd and "alt+enter" for media player classic. I just tested both and they worked perfectly.