9800 PRO AIW ... MMC TV freeze


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Hello, I have been having this problem since i got this card where i can watch TV fine and dandy but randomly the sound will cut out (once every 2-3 hours on average sometimes 15min after a reboot) , it will not come back unless i totally reboot the computer although the video is constant... to make matters worse i cannot kill the MMC/TV process in either taskmanager or processexplorer even after suspending it ... it leaves a big unmovable black box where the TV was and makes rebooting windows a giant pain in the ass when it takes a good 5 min for it to let go of the process and finally reboot. I'm using the following: Hardware: Intel P4 3.0C 1gb DDR400 ram 9800 PRO ALL-IN-WONDER Creative Audigy ZS Software: ATI MMC 9.16 Catalyst Control Center CCC 2007.0821.2145.36991 ATI Display Driver Driver 8.411-070821a1-052443C-ATI Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable vc8 8.0 WDM Integrated Drivers WDM_ALL ATI Theater Series TV/Video Capture Driver RIO 256 AVStream T200 Wonder Drivers WDM_AV 1082 DX9.0C most up to date sound drivers. if anyone can help please let me know, or atleast give an alternative to MMC that has a Remote Wonder plugin. Much thanks.
I have the same card and had those problems also. The problem is caused by the drivers you are using. They are not really made for that card (9800 AIW), regardless of what ATI says. Download and install the Cat 6.12 Display Driver, WDM, & Catalyst Control Center. Then install MMC 9.061 for the TV Tuner. These came on my Installation CD and have always worked perfectly. You'll have to muck around on the ATI site to find the archived drivers, but they are there. Also, I believe there are some posts here on Rage 3D that have built in links.
Addendum to the above post: Just for the heck of it I re-installed my 9800 AIW on a near identical system you have, i.e XP Pro SP3, P4 3.0C, 2GB DDR400, Creative Live SB 5.1, etc. I used Cat 8.6 and MMC 9.16. I already had .NET 2 SP1 installed so everything went in just fine. Made the Regtweak to turn off continuous recording and fired it up for couple of hours. Everything worked fine until I tried to turn it off. NO RESPONSE! Nada. Finely, had to turn it off at the power strip. On a lark, I downloaded and installed .NET 1.1, which is installed by the original CD. Not sure why, but I haven't had the problem since. It's only been a couple of days, but it is working. Don't know if it will work for you, but it might be something to try. I didn't notice much of a performance hit after installing .NET 1.1, so if it does work, it won't affect your resources too much. Good luck.
BTW, my ain Vista Computer has a TV Wonder HD 650, but I like the MMC so much better than CMC. One of the drawbacks to a Vista upgrade.
If it helps understanding... The different versions of .NET will work happily along side of each other, rather than 3 totally superseding 2 which took over from 1 and so on. Version 2 didn't cause many problems for XP systems that had .NET 1 & then later added 2, because version one was still there and working. .NET 1.1 still works and gets some programs working in Vista that wouldn't otherwise, despite Vista including 3 out of the gate.

Working side by side, it also doesn't mean that adding .NET 3 or 3.5 will necessarily break things either. You'd want to back up everything first, but adding 3 or 3.5 gets you the option of EVR screen rendering in XP (evr.dll), which can make a significant difference depending on what software you use. Some software can use it instead of the old Direct Show Video Rendering, and when it works, most of the comments I've seen were really positive.