64bit Win7 installs drivers, but no compatible software?


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(Wow, first post to this group in two years!)

I recently installed the 64bit Beta of Windows7. I have an old HDTV Wonder with remote (the good RF kind, not the cruddy IR kind). Naturally, the TV card doesn't work (no 64bit compatible driver), but interestingly, it DETECTS AND INSTALLS a compatible 64bit driver from ATI. Yet, ATI's Remote Wonder software does not work (crashes on install). I've tried several different versions of the software (including the Vista64 version), I've tried every "Compatibility Mode" imaginable, but nothing works. :( (I think it is because the tray is different.)

I found some info online about getting it to work with Vista64, but the solution doesn't seem to work with Win7.

It seems odd for there to be a 64bit Win7 compatible driver, and yet no software that uses it. I'd love to have this great remote working under 64bit Win7. I have to replace the TV card, and ones w/o a remote are $30 cheaper. Seems a waste to buy a whole new remote just because Win7 "currently" lacks software that can use ATI's great Remote Wonder (original version I suppose, USB receiver with wire antenna).

Anyone have a solution?
X10 made those remotes, and if X-10 doesn't supply the driver, you're never going to have AMD-ATI release one. I shelved mine 2 RF ATI remotes long ago.