6093's great with Morrowind


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Perhaps making a new thread is useless, but the official 6093 thread was getting too big already.

Morrowind works like a charm with 6093 set (actually I'm using omegplut1071b+6093 combined).

I used to play with 800x600 with half view distance and half shadows. Now I could change from 800x600 to 1024x768 and even get better fps than before! I hardly get fps less than 30 (usually constant 40-60) outside anymore. In cities (especially balmora) it sometimes drops to near 20 or so, but it's still playable, atleast more playable as it was before.

So if you play morrowind, you should upgrade to 6093 (combine with 6071 or omgplut 1.071b). It's really worth it. Bad thing that gta3's fog is screwed up :(

Specs (should add them to my sig soon):

Epox 8kha+ (29.05.2002 bios)
Athlon XP 1600+
512 ddr sdram
Ati radeon 8500 retail (underclocked@260/260 for stability + added heatsinks for memory)
sb live 1024 player
windows xp