5G the new rage now?


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Seems so many gays posting speedtest stats on 5G. Apple got no 5G phone yet so guess I will be waiting to grab that when it hits.

Any of you on 5G? How you like it? Is the speed difference real like it was between 3G and 4G?
That's like every major city in some capacity or another, so it could potentially be available for 10's of millions.

However, in terms of actual user base, I suspect that the number is much lower since only a few Android phones support it.

It's not covering all those cities, it's still very limited, AFAIK.
I may be going back to Android soon as I’m planning on moving back to Verizon since TMobile is an absolute clownshow when it comes to service.

Looking at the newest Samsung Note which supports 5G if I’m not mistaken. Might be able to test it out soon-ish.
I see them rebuilding cell towers all over phoenix most likely for 5g

hoping 5g home internet works out and I can drop Cox

as for phone will wait for the new iPhone maybe

the last pie update ****ed my note 8 up can't find anything as they had to move everything :bleh:
My area doesn't even have 4GLTE from US Cellular yet. (They told the FCC they did, but real world coverage data said they lied to the FCC... in an attempt to prevent the local cell phone provider from getting federal grants to help expand coverage in rural areas...)
5G may be a game changer for some...
Personally...I just look forward to no data caps on my phone anymore. That would change how I use it...a little bit. Not much.
I am pretty sure the 2020s model (iphone) will have 5G support. This is primarily the reason they settled with Qualcom (~5 Billion US$ to Qualcom from apple) as Intel was not in a position to provide them with a 5G modem solution this year, which eventually led to Intel exiting the mobile modem business.

The word is that they're now interested in procuring Intel's modem business to develop their own 5G + future modems, but for this year its goingt to be Qualcom.

This year seems unlikely unless apple engineers can really up their game and include a 5G solution into what is probably already a finalized design (based on Intel 4G solution).
Ads in Canada claiming under 1 ms latency for gaming on 5G... Is that BS? It would seem its faster than even a fiber wired connection?
My link to the nearest server for my isp is like 20 ms. I was assuming the same standard being used... Good read that.