5700 to 5700 XT flash: the 7% is real!


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Having a Pulse 5700 which also has an XT version, I tried the BIOS flashing
to XT explained here:


Their database has multiple Pulse 5700 XT bioses so I took the latest version.

After this, I watched a few videos on undervolting the 5700 XT and ended
up with:

2000mhz max @ 1120 mv

1800mhz memory.

This resulted in 11280 in Superimposition benchy vs 10570 before.
A gain of 6.7% for free.

I will further undervolt and see the advantages.

Note that even during benches, GPU junction never for past 92C and GPU temp never got past 75C so very safe.

Lowering voltage to 1110 brought junct temp down to 87C after two runs of benchies
and then 1100 brought it further down to 82C.

So 2000mhz, 1100mv and 1850 mhz VRAM :)