50" 4k TV coming out this month, under $2000 *insert drool*

If these assholes think they are going to make me buy stuff all over again, they're ****ing crazy. No.
HDMi 2.0 came out September last year with enough bandwidth for 60Hz. No idea when we will see manufactures start to use it's capability for 4k @ 60hz
For some reason I thought that some of the HDMI 1.4 sets just needed a software update to do 2.0. IIRC, it is a Sony thing. They are supposed to be releasing an update by the end of the year. http://www.redsharknews.com/technology/item/1053-sony-s-4k-tvs-are-upgradable-to-hdmi-2-0

Personally, I don't see the point in viewing a 4K 50" TV from 10 ft over a 1080p tv at the same distance. It would be even less noticeable than the difference between a 720p vs 1080p 32" LCD. What I am looking forward to is 4K HDMI 2.0 projectors, though I will have to run a new cable, a new HDMI switch box, a new HTPC, and a new AVR when that time comes. Will also have to upgrade my LCD, so that it can handle the same video stream as the projector.
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