5.1 gamer w/ati 128 all in wonder pro


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I am having a big issue getting these 2 cards to play nicely!

I did two things...one suggested by ati and one by creative labs.

One was...rename devcon32.dll to .old...gee guess who told me that...ati!

One was install the 7.1 beta MMC....that came from creative.

Neither of these work to let both cards function properly.

Any suggestions?

Yes, blow up your ATi All in Wonder and SB Live with some C4, then run to the store and buy a Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 Kryo II, WinTV, and a Santa Cruz or Philips AE :)
Well, I personally like the ATI card.....I bought it for s-video input for videoconferencing, streaming video, whatever..so it has the TV portion too...that's not why I bought it.

I wasn't looking for a smart mouth reply! I was looking for a reply that would actually solve the problem. I want to keep the ATI card....I would be willing to tell creative labs to take their card back if that's my only option.

Thanks for the non-help!
You have 2 pieces of hardware by 2 companies who can't write drivers worth ****, what did you expect?