5.00.2195.5011 (2k_5011)


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I'm running on a Gateway Solo 9300, Running windows XP and my opengl games look like crap,more specifically I don't think opengl is working at all. I should be able to run quake 2 in opengl with no problems but it seems to stay in software mode, I wanted to try these 2k_5011 drivers but I cannot download them from the link provided here,(http://www.geocities.com/ziyadhosein/rprow2k.htm) I've tried for the last 2 days, and it says he's exceeded his limit every time. Does anyone have these drivers or know where else I could get them or even send them to me?


if you have the zip please let me know
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However I can't get it to install when I follow the instructions on how to install it (update driver, dont' search i will choose etc) manually and I point to the folder its looking for a .inf file, but the only things included in the 5011.zip is a ATI2MPAB.SYS and ATI2DRAB.DLL, thus it will not update.
Thanks, the problem was I couldn't download the correct file due to my firewall at work, after doing it at home it works fine :)

Thanks again gusy